Wherever communication is needed, MGMTT e-RoIP provides an all informed Beyond Line of Sight broadcast range for Mototrbo, two-way digital radios, allowing secure communications over commercial IP links.

Through the use of a commercial IP connection the MGMTT e-RoIP solution allows the transmission of real-time encrypted communications directly to an operations room or another network anywhere in the world via a wide range of IP bearers (GSM, Microwave, ISP, or Satellite).

The enhanced features of the MGMTT, allow the system to operate over links with greater latency.

Capable of re-transmitting both voice and situational awareness and by utilising interchangeable duplexers and role specific antennas, the range of the standard Motorola radio is greatly improved.

Key Features

  • Both Line of Sight (LOS) & Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) capability
  • Encypted re-transmission over GSM, ISP, Satellite or Microwave
  • Used with Motorola radios
  • Compatible with TRBOnet
  • Connectivity to multiple locations anywhere in the world
  • Uses interchangeable duplexers
  • Uses Narrow band tuned filter
  • Networked via commercial IP Bearer
  • Used on multiple mobile platforms
  • Up to 256 AES encryption on radios
  • Works over AES-256 encrypted VPN

Technical Specification

AC input100-240v with arduous environment mains suppressionDC input12-14v
Operating Temp-30°C to +60°CRF outputUp to 45 watts High Power
Frequency range136-174/403-470/450-527 MHz (radio specific)Battery life8 hours
Duty Cycle1 transmit, 10 standbyInput / Output50Ω (nominal)
Harmonics supressionGreater than 60 dbUPS system12v battery
VSWRAntenna dependant < 1.5:1ConnectivityGSM, Microwave, ISP and Satellite


Used by MilitaryUsed by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentUsed in the Commercial sectorUsed by Aid Agencies

Product Code

GRC-014814-GP - (pictured)

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