The PRC6809 MBITR is part of the AN/PRC-148 family of radios, the most capable dismounted radio system available today.

Based on the combat-proven AN/PRC-148 MBITR, the PRC6809 MBITR provides unprecedented interoperability with existing military and commercial legacy radio systems. With software upgradeability, future operation with the next generation of communications equipment is ensured.

The multi-processor architecture of the PRC6809 MBITR creates a truly software-based, handheld radio. The PRC6809 MBITR can be utilized with the full set of AN/PRC-148 system components for mounted and dismounted operations.

Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage
  • Selectable RF Output Power (0.1– 5.0 Watts)
  • 867.5 grams
  • 552.8 cubic cm
  • DES/Type III and AES/256-bit Encryption Options
  • 2 Metre and 20 Metre Immersible Variants

Technical Specification

Frequency Range30-512 MHz Contiguous
5 and 6.25 kHz Step Size
Modulation TypesAM and FM (Single Channel)
FM Narrowband (Single Channel)
Frequency Stability Over Temperature+ 2.5 PPM
Receive Sensitivity-116 dBm 12 dB SINAD (-118 dBm typical)
AM: < 1.5 uV 10 dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel RejectionGreater than 45 dB at ±25 kHz
Spurious & Image RejectionGreater than 58 dB
Third Order Intercept PointGreater than +5 dBm
Receive Audio DistortionLess than 10% at Rated Audio Power
Acoustic Output PowerGreater than 85 dBSPL
Transmit Output Power0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0 & 5.0 watts (FM)
1.0 & 5.0 watts (AM)
User Selectable per channel
Transmit CharacteristicsRadiated Spurious Output: < -13 dBm
Audio Distortion: Less than 10%
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio: > 45 dBc
ReliabilityMTBF: > 30,000 hours field measured
MTTR: < 8 minutes
Emergency BeaconsAM Swept Tone Beacon
EncryptionType-III DES (Optional)
256-bit AES (Optional)
Physical Parameters (with battery)Length: 8.44 inches (21.44 cm)
Width: 2.63 inches (6.68 cm)
Depth: 1.52 inches (3.86 cm)
Volume: 33.7 cubic inches (552.8 cubic cm)
Weight: 30.6 ounces (867.5 grams)
Environmental SpecificationsOperating temperature: -31° to +60° C
Humidity: 95% Non-condensing
Shock: EIA-603-1992
Vibration: EIA-603-1992
Altitude: 30,000 Feet


Used by MilitaryNot used by Emergency RespondersNot used by GovernmentNot used in the Commercial sectorNot used by Aid Agencies

Product Code

GRC-PRC6809 - (pictured)

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