Scytale in the snow with a Thuraya IP+

FaceTime in challenging environments. Providing VOIP and Wi-Fi, SCYTALE can bond multiple GSM networks to maximise available bandwidth, with the option to fail-over on to satcom, if cellular networks are compromised. The addition of a picocell allows users to make voice calls with their own mobile devices, delivering the ultimate communication bubble!



Motorola Radios for mobile teams working in remote areas

Heading out to a customer, these Motorola Solutions Radios will soon be helping keep mobile teams working in remote areas safe and productive. Low-cost, reliable and simple, we've used these radios in a number of communication solutions, designed specifically around customers requirements, providing hardware, training, installation and on-going support that our customers know they can trust!



3CDSE - Three Counties Defence and Security Expo Attendee List

GRC are looking forward to exhibiting at the Three Counties Defence & Security Expo 31 May 2018. We'll be taking along some of the latest manpack sattellite communication terminals and our rapidly deployable SCYTALE, allowing users to access voice, data and streaming video services within minutes of setup!



Slightly cold and a little damp under foot... GRC were delighted to be included in a Royal Marine demonstration of innovative technology within an exercise on Dartmoor. Demonstrating the compact Tampa Microwave Manpack Terminal and Swarm45, alongside GRC’s own SCYTALE Maritime, a carry-on communications hub featuring bonded 3G/4G GSM and satellite capabilities, providing VOIP phones, Wi-FI for data and streaming video and more in a simple all-in-one package!



GRc and Avanti Logos

Avanti Communications Group plc (“Avanti”), a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”), has signed a minimum commitment contract valued at $500,000 with Global Radiodata Communications Ltd (“GRC” or “GRC Ltd”), who develop and supply mission-critical communication products and solutions, to provide high speed and resilient Ka-band satellite communications to defence and commercial operations.



Tampa ManPack terminals have been designed specifically for the needs of the dismounted troop, or first response user and are capable of operating in the world’s most challenging environments. Built to be air-dropped, jumped or carried, they can be setup and operated by a single user, with minimal training.



Building on our tried and tested SCYTALE defence welfare products, GRC’s innovative engineering team use real-world knowledge and next generation technology to provide a unique way of enabling deployed personnel to keep in touch with friends and family. Using satcom and bonded GSM, this evolution of SCYTALE provides VOIP phones and Wi-Fi in a cost-effective, rapidly deployable package, allowing operational personnel to get FaceTime when they need it most.






The GRC-STEP provides protection for your satellite terminal, offering shelter from wind, rain, heat and direct sunlight, while still allowing RF signals to penetrate.

Perfect to reduce communications downtime and extend the overall life of your satellite terminals.

Most Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) are built tough, but after months of use, even the hardiest terminals can succumb to weather conditions, reducing performance and leading to hardware failures.



Happy New Year! We're proud to say we've successfully renewed our Cyber Essentials accreditation for another year! Designed to help guard against the most common cyber threats, the Cyber Essentials certification is a great way to demonstrate a real commitment to Cyber Security, protecting not only our own IT infrastructure, but also our ability to serve our customers.



Satcube is an easy to use lightweight terminal, ideally suited to first responders, emergency rescue teams, field offices, media broadcasters or any remote workers looking for a highspeed, portable, communications link.

The Satcube isn't much bigger than a laptop, but can provide between 4Mb over a standard satellite connection and 20Mb over a High Throughput Satellites (HTS). Making it perfect for high speed data exchange, video streaming and VOIP requirements, suited to defence users, field based offices and broadcasters.





2 Swarm45 Satcom Terminals being tested in snowy conditions

Wind? Snow? Ice? Perfect conditions to setup these 2 Swarm45 SatCom Terminals on Avanti! Lightweight and packing into a single hard case, the Swarm45 is a perfect partner for our SCYTALE's, offering mobile, high speed voice, data and streaming video from some of the most remote regions in the world... including snowy Hereford!




GRC Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of a Representative Agreement with Thales Defence and Security, Inc. (TDSI). This agreement will enable GRC to market a range of Thales products in key European and international markets, offering customers in these regions sales support, expertise and greater access to Thales market leading products and solutions.

US Army using Thales Radio Handset



Within a single, small, lightweight, rugged package, the user is provided simultaneous narrowband and wideband communications capabilities necessary to support tactical command and control communications in a variety of challenging radio operating environments.

The Thales TH5310/TH5315 solution, is a significantly enhanced version of the widely fielded PRC 6809 radio. The TH5310/TH5315 offers all of the existing functionally of the current radio with the addition of the TrellisWare® TSM wideband networking waveform capability.


The PRC6809 MBITR is part of the AN/PRC-148 family of radios, the most capable dismounted radio system available today.

Based on the combat-proven AN/PRC-148 MBITR, the PRC6809 MBITR provides unprecedented interoperability with existing military and commercial legacy radio systems. With software upgradeability, future operation with the next generation of communications equipment is ensured.



CacheCrumb is a wireless device that enables high-performance capture and compute on the extreme edge of the network - all with rugged durability and dynamic meshing capabilities.

As a powerful all-in-one platform, the CacheCrumb adds 1 terabyte of solid-state storage to the extensive features already offered by the ME4.

This makes the CacheCrumb the ideal addition to a flexible, deployable, surveillance network, allowing you to capture and store real-time HD full motion video from cameras on the move within your network.


The BreadCrumb ME4 is a rugged wireless device that forms a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb systems.

The ME4 is our mid-level BreadCrumb solution and is an ideal alternative for adding wireless infrastructure and mobile nodes into your existing network. This system can be deployed in a variety of wired and wireless platforms such as LTE, satellite, and Wi-Fi.


The BreadCrumb JR2 is a wireless device that forms a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb systems.

This single-transceiver, single-antenna system is frequently used in private wireless networks for on-body and on-vehicle mobile communications and remote connectivity.


Secure, fast, resilient, IP connectivity that’s deployed in seconds.

Mediaport-R provides secure, fast, reliable IP connectivity between tactical teams and control rooms, in mobile scenarios and harsh environments.

Mediaport-R bonds up to four 3G/4G mobile broadband connections (along with cabled broadband or satellite where available).

By employing RAID-type distributed forward error correction, diverse routing and 256 bit SSL/AES encryption, Mediaport-R creates a highly secure and resilient private network using just consumer access media.



GRC are proud to provide GPS tracker support to British Armed Forces personnel, who are running 268 miles along The Pennine Way! They are completing the event in an effort to raise money and awareness of The Hoplite Fund, a charity which supports serving members, the dependants of serving members, and ex-members of the United Kingdom Special Forces Signal Regiment, a Hereford based charity.