We can provide solutions using other Ka-Band providers. We are tier one partners with many of the biggest names in the satellite industry. We don’t typically deal in pre-packaged airtime solutions from the larger space segment providers, and we do provide wholesale in per MHz or per Mb package solution. This is offered on different hub equipment options depending on budget and solution, with iDirect and Hughes being the typical. We do have our own GRC VNO services around the globe and we can offer tailored packages depending on the requirements of your network.

We also offer leased hardware solutions so that CAPEX can be reduced from a project, and occasional Use airtime solutions, hence you only pay for what you are using. Because of GRC’s relationships with some of the biggest space segment providers we are extremely flexible with our airtime and hardware offerings.

Please look over our hardware and airtime solutions pages for an insight on how we may be able to help you.

There are no products within this section. Contact us on 01432 373 800 for an update on when products will be available.